Saturday, June 09, 2012

Two Paths to Perfection

There are two paths to perfection, maybe more, but the two that I would like to examine today are what I like to refer to as the BMW and race car paths. 

In the first path, the BMW, the car is fully loaded.  It has all the options, the best engine, best interior, and best exterior.  It is the type of thing that once sat in and drove restores one’s faith in humanity a little.  One realizes that human beings are capable of something worthy after all.  Hahahaha.  I liken the BMW lifestyle to the man or woman that has everything.  He or she is smart, attractive, and healthy with an equally impressive spouse and children if so desired to boot. This BMW person is rich, has a rewarding career in which they excel at and are acknowledge by peers. They live in a nice house in a nice part of the city belonging to some of the best social circles where their friends can’t get enough of them.  In short, they have it all.  They are living a perfect life and are thus perfect. 

The other type of person that reaches perfection and maybe this is even a greater level of perfection than the BMW person is the race car person.  This person may or may not be likeable, rich, or even smart except in one area.  Just like a race car forgoes power seats, air-con, a radio, even cruise control that can be found in the BMW, this person might not have good social skills, their house might be a wreck, their finances array, and even their health might suffer.  But just like a race car is built for one thing (that thing being speed) and only one thing that it does perfectly, this person might have an area of life that they excel at.  In such a case, this person might change the world.  I am thinking of an Albert Einstein who seemingly couldn’t even be bothered to comb his hair but was constantly walking around while actually being somewhere deep in his mind doing math.  A Bill Gates or Steve Jobs who many people say is a curse (and in many ways a blessing) to work for, yet still they manage their businesses exceedingly well.  These are the people that do one thing really well while neglecting other areas of their life just as a race car neglects all the options of the BMW so that it might be as fast as it can be. 

Other people might try to describe their lives with vehicles too.  Maybe one person is a mini-van as their life centers around their family, or a strong working man might be symbolized as a heavy off-road 2-ton work truck, or a small compact car as somebody who gets the best gas mileage and doesn’t pollute, but I think generally the race car analogy does best to describe the person that is specialized and their life is perfectly arranged around that one thing to let them achieve it best or the BMW for the person that has gone after it all.  


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