Friday, June 15, 2012

Apple iPhone 8 (Apple fan fiction)

Apple’s continued integration with Siri continues.  Lists of tasks that she does for you includes: order pizza and Chinese food, alerts you about stock market items, and reads your alerts and news to you in the morning after you wake as well as reviewing your schedule and reminders for the day and week.  Siri can also buy things for you and have them delivered to your house from major online websites including Wal-Mart, Target, E-bay, Amazon, and Best Buy (all of which will accept iMoney, which is described below).  Apple streamlines Siri for iHome and iCar described below.  Siri, gets different names; now a person can choose from a list of about 50.  iPhone 8 is always listening so a person doesn’t have to press a button before talking to Siri.  The new Siri(s) can be set only work with the owner of the phone or other said people. 

Apple further integrates iHome.  A standalone unit called iHome has been released; it is designed as a small central unit about the size of a mac mini.  It wirelessly connects with a person’s phone’s or computer but also has speakers connected to it (many different options of speakers available including wired and not wired, battery powered and plug in) so that a person might be able to play music in any room of the house.  All can be controlled easily with the app available for one’s computer or iphone.  Also, iHome has recently added options for lighting so that iHome can turn off any light in the house associated with iHome.  This is done through cheap inserts that go in between a bulb and the wall mount that maintain a Bluetooth connection to iHome, or through more expensive wall units.  Additionally, iHome has outlet adapters that can be used to control other items too that go in between the wall outlet and plugin.  iHome also has motion sensors that can be added to it throughout the house.  IHome can make the lights and music follow you if you wish.  IHome has even been able to connect to the thermostat and control the temperature.  The idea is that iHome will know a person’s patterns, music, lights, and temperature, so they can all be made into schedules on an iphone and also activated via Siri.  Therefore Siri can turn off any iHome light, control the music, and in case you are coming home early, you can tell Siri to turn on the air/heat for you so that when you get home, so the house will be just like you like it. 

Apple has further integrated with car companies to become the wireless key of your car, so now a person’s car will unlock whenever a person sticks their hand on the car door and the car senses the recognized iPhone is within range.  Many of the options that are mentioned in iHome carry over to iCar so that what you were listening to at home will now be playing on the car.  Also, Siri can be used to warm up the car in the winter.

Apple releases iMoney which is similar to Palpal, who is now one of its partners.  It is released as the main function of Passbook.  It is similar to a prepaid bank account but can be used to pay for things at any of the places that already accepts Passbook.  When a person wants to pay for something, they simple just scan their phone.

With the iPhone 8 the iPhone revolution continues.  The iPhone and Apple become less of a phone and more of an ecosystem of a way of living.  Some people now leave home with no wallet and no keys, but only their iPhone in their pocket.  Because of the total package, Apple is able to solidly defend itself against Android which doesn’t have as deep seamless integration.  Android clearly sells more phones at cheaper rates.  Apple makes more money. 


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