Thursday, October 12, 2006

Root of All Evil Review

Richard Dawkins wrote a genus book called “The Selfish Gene”. click here for more info I highly recommend anyone look at this book but it presents a heavy sided evolution explanation to the world but one that I feel is also very accurate. This book is wonderful like I said so I was interested in Dawkins other works. He has made a program called “Root of All Evil, The God Delusion”. I have viewed this program and would like to say the following in response to it.

Please bear with me for this one long paragraph. The evidence is clear to me that faith in itself is not bad but is often interpreted and guided in misdirection by many that makes it dangerous. Faith and religion are often hand in hand in this world but are not the same thing. Religion has often made life worse for people, I agree with that. But is there a place for faith outside of religion? I think there is. In fact, I think it is the good that faith does that is actually what keeps religion going for all of religions bad things. If religion was as bad and misguided as presented by Root of all Evil then what really keeps religion going? It is an institution that would implode and could not keep itself going. But instead there is something that is good which involves faith and spirituality but religion has confused and abused these. A belief in science's methods is needed but for thousands of years the faithful have been believers in something greater than themselves. Are none of these people natural born scientist? Are they not able to methodologically have experiences in their life that affirms their faith or are they all truly blind and misguided? If only one of these billions of faithful is right in their beliefs, then there is something greater than a mere physical existence. I myself, a very scientific person have had experiences that seem to have no natural explanation. I don’t expect anyone to believe me if I told my stories but it took such powerful experience to believe in something greater than myself. Before my experiences, I was a firm atheist and it took only such experiences to make me faithful. I do say that I am not associated with any churches because I do feel like these are obviously corrupt at many obvious points by scientific means. I conclude how I start. That this by no means implies that I believe faith in itself is a bad thing, only when faith has been interpreted by others and guided in misdirection does it become dangerous.