Sunday, November 05, 2006

Soul, Body, Consciousness?

Question: Does Soul encompass our body?

My Answer: I am a clear separationist, for the most part, when it comes to the nature of the soul and body. I think that they, for the most part, exist on completely different levels of reality but that thought is a kind of go between that can somewhat exist in both of these things. I never really was able to come out and believe soul was body because I come out of a "Course in Miracles" train of thought that says. 1) God = eternity and good.
2) Body = not eternity and not good. 3) Therefore Body does not equal God.

Also, I believe and this is the real kicker that gets a lot of people, that God did not create us. I believe God created Adam and Eve, just like it says in the Bible, and that then Adam and Eve created other human beings as a curse put on them, as it says in the bible. Other humans were then a creation of the first humans, not a creation of God. Jesus to me was blessed by the divine hand and was in part created by God and so was Adam and Eve and therefore their bodies were divine too, the rest of us no. If God did create us, our bodies would be divine, like Jesus and Adam and Eve (or at least Adam and Eve before the expulsion out of Eden). So, I believe we are born "just people and only people" of and from our parents but that by faith in God and God's gift of grace, salvation, we can become more and our consciousness can become embodied in a soul and not only just in our body. And, or for the time while we are here and we are alive after we become saved, our consciousness can be embodied in our soul and our body.

Hmmmm, hope that wasn't confusing. I have been through this and through this with other people, always to make them mad. This is just my opinion and how I make sense of it all. If it doesn't make sense to anyone else, that is okay with me, I am happy that others have their beliefs whatever they are and have found something to believe in. I am interested in hearing others arguments on this topic and or replies to my statements.

Also I would like to note that I see it being more complicated though. I think that when a person becomes saved, the Holy Spirit becomes forever bonded with a qualified aspect of one's consciousness. Since that the consciousness is qualified, I believe one part is associated with body consciousness and one part with spiritual consciousness. I do believe it is possible for the spiritual consciousness to be becomes the primary consciousness and the entire consciousness but this takes ZEN like meditation and Mother Teresa like love. In doing so though, the body which is associated the holy consciousness can then also become a vessel for the Holy Spirit and thus holy. The problem is though when the meditation is broken, the times change and a body that is vulnerable to sin, (actually surrounded and inundated by it) falls back to a state of, well, the fallen.

This is why I repeated the phrase "for the most part" at the beginning of my writing because I think for the most part people aren't walking around in full meditation and love. I do on occasion try to do this. For example when meeting people so I can make a good impression but it is considerable effort and I haven't been to a certified ZEN school been able to take one on one lessons with Mother Teresa on how to practice love.